Month: May 2014

Abstract Artform on his signature “Back Porch Rap” style and new remix record

Canadian-born Shea Malcolmson, who goes by Abstract Artform, has created a sound he calls “back porch rap”…

Sean Anonymous and DJ Name Drop “Staring at the Sun”

Sean Anonymous and DJ Name Drop “Staring at the Sun”

New Track¬†is an Instant Classic Minneapolis-based rapper Sean Anonymous and producer DJ Name have teamed up to…

Kosha Dillz Releases New Music Video for “What’s Going On Upstairs”

Check out Kosha’s new music video for “What’s Going On Upstairs,” a track off his latest album,…

“So thank God for every fan, every single listener who told me to make the art, you don’t gotta switch it up. You put it out, we’ll pick it up, do you, stay strong. You’re the main reason we don’t turn our radios on.”

- “Radio-Inactive” by Blueprint -

The Building Blocks of Blueprint

I first heard Blueprint on a Rhymesayers Entertainment mixtape I got my hands on about ten years…

“Why do I look to all these things to keep you happy?¬†Maybe get rid of you, and then I’ll get back to me.”

- “Unpretty” by TLC -
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