Kosha Dillz and Murs Drop Video for “We Are Different,” an Ode to the Weirdos

Kosha Dillz has dropped a video for “We Are Different” off Awkward in a Good Way featuring his friend Murs (the two connected at Paid Dues). It features endearing lyrical gems like “I swim with no swimmies on when I sing a song,” and one of my all-time favorite Murs verses:

I walk to the beat of my own drum
I tribe called myself I’m the only one
The road least traveled hasn’t always been the lonely one
I represent an independent army holding golden guns
Freakshows, weirdos, those are my heroes
Glitches standing out amongst the ones and the zeroes
Why be born in binary
Destroy the system, be different, be daring
I swear we’ll never be programmed
Control your destiny, build your future with your own hands
Never thought you hear Murs and Kosha on a slow jam
Forever free thinkers we will bow down to no man

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