Sideways 8 Drops “Spirit Will Glow” Single and Music Video

Omaha-based musician and Jack-of-all-trades Shaun Shepoka (who goes by Sideways 8) releases his track “Spirit Will Glow” today exclusively through Say Hey There.

As an artist who enjoys creating music using Omaha’s diverse talent across a myriad of genres, Sideways 8 hopes his music serves as a conduit to the Omaha music scene. He plays guitar, piano, and bass and also sings and raps. “Spirit Will Glow” stays true to Sideways 8’s signature form with its simple guitar, piano, or drum-line base.

“Spirit Will Glow” features Adam Barton with lyrical content based on the duo’s musical interests as evident by lines like “We’re just two souls on a mission to give this world what it’s been missing, a taste of our vision” and introducing the world to their philosophical sound: “I refuse to be a patient dying, I’m more ancient than the Mayans with the heart of a lion; I march past Zion, way beyond the stars of Orion’s.” The accompanying music video sets the tone well with glowing light, a soft blur effect, and simple shots of Barton and Shepoka positioning their vocals and the song’s message in the spotlight.

Stay tuned for updates on Sideways 8 this year as he plans to release a compilation of songs featuring local talent including Ricky Szablowski from WE BE LIONS and Holla K and drop some music videos to help paint the visuals.

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