Best Hip Hop Nominee: Both

The Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards (OEAAs) are an annual awards ceremony celebrating and recognizing the best of Omaha’s music, visual arts, and performance arts. Say Hey There is honored to present profiles on each of the 2015 Best Hip Hop/Rap nominees. Each artist or group spokesperson was asked the same series of questions in order to portray an honest profile of the music, the person or people behind the music, and what sets each apart from their peers. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on February 15, 2015 at the Downtown Omaha DoubleTree. Learn More »


Skylar Reed / Scky Rei / Emcee
Nate Asad / INFNTLP / Producer


Best Hip Hop/Rap

Behind the Scenes

Reed: We’re weak ass rappers…Little thug McNuggets. Scky Rei and INFNTLP collaborate together to create a weird group from the cornfields called Both. Started off doing weak ass shows and great shows and J Dilla tributes.

The thing about me and Nate, is that Nate produces what I’m hearing in my mind. And what I say is what he wants to say with his mouth. We are synced mentally somehow.

J Dilla is an influence that we both share. Nate loves Knowledge. I love Q-Tip and D’Angelo. You would never guess that I love D’Angelo but I love D’Angelo. We both like MF Doom. My mom is an influence because she forces me to do better every single time.

Sounds Like

Reed: Weak ass rap. But besides that, alternative hip hop. We sound like soul, we sound like hip hop, we sound like rock. I feel like we have the energy of rock and hip hop fused together.

What Makes Them Different

Reed: We ain’t old (grins).

I’m just playin’. Shout-outs to my other brothers and people who made the nominee list. We’re different because we’re not them, we’re just some regular old Northside kids trying to make a little splash in this cup of water. We’re not just doing beat bop, we’re trying to be ourselves. Everyone has their own influence, but I feel like we have our own sound. I develop my voice and my sound through Nate’s production, because it allows me to be different.

Deserves it Because

Reed: We didn’t even know we were nominated until Dominique Morgan made a status about it. We didn’t expect it at all. So if we deserve it, that’s what’s up, appreciate it, good lookin’ out. I mean we would love it, that would be real dope. I appreciate the honor of being nominated.

The Song to Check Out

Reed: The one that we’d probably choose, and I think me and Nate would connect on this one, is “World.” It’s about taking over the world. That’s something that I think everyone can connect with universally. We all want to take over the world. The world is ours to take.


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