Free Download: Diamond Clem’s Witness The Writness

Do you always keep a stash of grape-flavored Swisher Sweets and sandwich baggies? Is April 20th your favorite holiday? If your house were on fire and you could save one sentimental item, would it be from your glassware collection? If so, then the Diamond Clem’s Witness the Writness mixtape should be your next download.

Diamond Clem is a UK-based rapper telling stories of living the high life through a green-tinted mic and a thick cloud of smoke. For those of us who aren’t privy to the language idiosyncrasies from across the pond, Witness the Writness is wordplay based off the UK slang word “writ,” which basically means “wasted.”

Does this mixtape mean he’s embracing the weed rapper label? In short, no — his content will change with his next project.

“It’s a themed mixtape based on how marijuana influences my creativity and the decisions I make in my life,” he told Say Hey There. “My upcoming projects are more life experience themed. I thought my first mixtape should honour the substance that enhances my creativity.”

The first track opens with a comedic soundbite from Achmed the Dead Terrorist, perhaps a precursor to the mixtape’s initial vibe: one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The quality is about what you would expect from anyone’s debut mixtape, but it shows promise with unexpected highlights such as some fast rapping that demonstrates range and composition (“Ill Mind of Clem”) and strong cameos (“Hazy Nightmares,” “All Night,” “Vitamin W”) that are at times reminiscent of the Kottonmouth Kings.

The content gets better as the mixtape progresses with the standout track being “Ill Mind of Clem” (Ill Mind of Hopsin remix) for its lyrical content and perspective.

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