Get the Full “Mutants of Omaha” Experience with New Music Video

M34N STR33T is a Midtown, Omaha-dwelling hip hop group featuring Conchance on the mic, Haunted Gauntlet on the beats, and DJ Really Real on the turntables. The trio is currently an Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards nominee for Best Hip Hop and Artist of the Year, and as one of only two local bands that played the 2014 Maha Music Festival back in August, the group shared the stage with well-respected acts such as Minnesota-based super group Doomtree. M34N STR33T released Mutants of Omaha, a name-your-price record back in April, and take our word for it: it’s worth the download.

The album doesn’t tiptoe around incorporating other genres or experimenting with sounds, it jump ropes over traditional boundaries to give you a different kind of music—and yet despite being innovative, there’s an essence of familiarity and warmth. Its psychedelic mood is infused with a hint of doo-wop samples, and you’ll feel a slight Latin American influence. Heavy on the instrumentals, scratches, and sound bites and accented with the addictive, multi-syllabic, back-and-forth rhymes from Conchance, this was the ultimate summer record.

Today the group released its second video for the album (you can watch the first, doo-wop inspired video here), and what’s great about it is that it captures the essence of the entire record, exemplifying its zoned-out, full vibe and giving listeners another visual way to experience the music.

Watch the video, stream the record, and download it gratis to find out why Mutants of Omaha is a contender to make our list of 2014 notable indie hip hop records. 

mutants of omahaHighlights

  • M34n Old World
  • $he God
  • Stardust
  • Sh3 L4
  • Silhouette
  • Four a Buck
  • D34TH

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