Six Reasons Why I’m Backing The Grouch and Eligh’s Kickstarter Campaign and You Should Too

Last week, hip hop duo The Grouch and Eligh announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a triple album project called The Tortoise & The Crow. Here are six reasons why I decided to back the project, and why any hip hop aficionado should too.

  1. It’s the Grouch and Eligh. You know, of Living Legends fame. As a duo, they’ve done songs like “The Clap,” “All In,” “No Flowers,” “Worried about the World,” “Boom,” and “Old Souls.” When it comes music, they make it sound good. So even if you haven’t checked out their entire discography, you can rest easy knowing it will be money well spent.
  2. It’s a cool concept. Releasing two completely different solo albums and one joint album as a trio is something that hasn’t been done before. And it’s a substantial addition to your music collection. At about 30 or so songs, it’s like a mini box set of hip hop goodness, just in time for Christmas.
  3. It supports independent hip hop. It’s a big middle finger to the major record labels who are notorious for encouraging artists to sell their souls to the devil to make a buck. The Grouch and Eligh are independent artists who work hard and are out living their lives, doing what they love, making our lives better in the process, and they’re doing it authentically the whole way through.
  4. The pledge rewards are sweet. Yes, there are rewards in it for you. Want G&E to follow you on Instagram? (Speaking of which, have you seen the crazy beautiful photos of Maui Grouch takes?) Or maybe you’d rather have your favorite lyrics handwritten by the duo and framed? Or even get studio time with G&E? Depending on how many pennies you’re willing to part with, you can get all of these things! (Side note: I feel like I would spend money a lot better than most rich people. Does anyone else feel the same?)
  5. Ant produced part of it. Ant! The one ya’ll forget is part of Atmosphere (not you all, of course, the others). OMGZ. Can’t wait to hear his contributions to this project.
  6. There’s nothing to lose. In true Kickstarter spirit, you don’t lose anything if the project falls through. You’re not out quality dinero if they don’t make their goal. But I mean, they will. And you’ll get bomb music in return.

How many of these songs could end up being some of your favorites? I, for one, am not going to pass on the opportunity.

Check out the background info or skip it and make a donation.


The Tortoise and the Crow is now available. Go download the triple album now!



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