TKO is About to Lose His Shit in New Video

Happy Friday! Our gift to you is a freshly-dropped video courtesy of TKO for “L.M.S.” – a song off his first fully mixed and mastered project Bluprint. 

An acronym for “Lose My Shit,” this hard-hitting song is chock-full of unfiltered goodies and hot one-liners (“I’m a full course meal you a fruit snack”) that taunt the hater and dare him to even try to clap back. TKO is on the brink of going off on a poser, and the video is styled with fast cuts that fit the vibe of the song. Check it out and tell us what you’re favorite lyric is in the comments.

Craving more songs like this? Stream our “Fuck the World” playlist below. Have a suggestion for what should be added? It’s a collaborative playlist. Add it already!



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