Who Needs Love? Here Are 3 Hip Hop Songs about Lust

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here. Whether you’re already attached, forever alone, or somewhere in between, chances are there is someone that you’re lusting after. Today’s mini-playlist is dedicated to you. These songs are odes to getting it on and satisfying our most primitive physiological need.

“Hypnotized” by CunninLynguists

Lustful Lyrics:

“I’m victim to a vixen when swishin’ in apple bottoms. Switching my position, trying to sit where I can spot ’em.”

“She said he name was Gwendolyn. The only reason I remember it is cause it rhymes with pendulum. And that’s the way her hips were swayin’. Otherwise, I can’t recall a word her lips were sayin’.”

“Lithium Lips” by Mac Lethal

Lustful Lyrics:

” I see her sittin at the ice cream parlor with a banana split, emanating such a radiant color of amethyst. I can’t camouflage the jitters or the franticness. Everything about her fly posture says tantra bliss.”

“Oh Christ, I can smell her from here. The ambrosia is like a sugar-coated elephant’s ear. And now the prevalent fear is sweetly scented with the venoms we pass. Girls learn sexiness, women teach class.”

“Dirty Girl” by Felt

Lustful Lyrics:

“With an oil streak that must have kissed your cheekbone, thick and voluptuous I wish that we could be alone. I would love to touch you, rub you, see whats covered up under that greasy blue jumpsuit. Standing there holding that dripping dipstick, with a firm grip, yet so delicate. And the way you took that orange oil rag and wiped it clean is guaranteed to get repeated in my dreams.”

“Heat from the grill made her mascara drip. The sweat on her face showed the fuzz on her lip. Them work pants couldn’t hide the love in them hips…call it bad taste, but this girl was the shit.”

Hear for Yourself

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