J. Crum Surrenders to “Mercy” in First Video Off New Album

Remember almost a year ago when J. Crum opened up to us about his past and gave us a glimpse into his future? He told us about his near-death experience growing up and how it shaped him into the man he is today. He let us be the first to hear the name of his forthcoming album (Black Sheep) and talked about how he’s always felt different and paved his own path.

Today many of those conversations have new context with Black Sheep close to being publicly available (it’s slated for release in October) and teaser singles like “Mercy” being dropped. This album debuts a much more personal side of J. Crum’s journey and  encompasses much of what we talked about a year ago.

In and of itself, “Mercy” is a nod to his near-death experience and what that could be for others, succumbing to the compassion of a higher power when something bad that’s supposed to happen…doesn’t.

As to what we can expect with the rest of Black Sheep? Here’s what J. Crum told us last October.

“It’s a walkthrough of my journey. The first song talks about me in high school and how I was just this awkward kid. Now I’m an older, awkward man (laughs). And it’s kind of going from that to me dreaming of what I wanted to do, and falling back and kind of growing a little bit, and starting up again. It continues to go further and further and further. It talks about some of my struggles. It’s really personal, so I probably won’t have a lot of features.”



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