This Streetlight Sounds Video is the Dopest Thing You’ve Seen in Awhile

You may have heard rumblings about Streetlight Sounds, but this video just put them on the map. The artist collective and nonprofit founded by J Crum aims to “help aid the youth in our city to hone their talents and gifts to better their communities” through hip hop and art.

“Streetlight Sounds Cypher” is a raw, gritty, verse-focused collaborative effort featuring Mola-B, Walt Fortune, Greco, T-Vision, and J. Crum. Filmed in black-and-white, it’s all about the message as charismatic emcee after charismatic emcee steps forward. The content is focused on Streetlight Sounds, its purpose, and how it hopes to make a difference and be a positive influence for youth.

The setting – in a parking lot under a bridge downtown – is accented with a visual reverb to Fvmeless’s hard, bass-heavy beat and the occasional lightning strike. Appropriate, considering this song (and video) is FIRE.




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