The Best of Atmosphere

What’s your favorite song by your favorite artist, band, or group?

Ask that question to anyone and nine times out of ten they’ll grit their teeth, take in a deep breath, and mutter, “Oooh…that’s a hard one.”

Beginning to answer that question or organize a “best of” list for your musical idols can feel next to impossible…UNLESS you don’t limit yourself to a meaningless number (just because it’s clean) and you sort them alphabetically rather than by rating.

For me, the following are the ultimate Atmosphere songs. Those that lyrically captivate me. Those stories that I can most relate to or conjure the most vivid imagery. Those beats that consume me, get thrown on repeat, and make my iTunes “Top 25 Most Played” playlist. The very best of that Slug and Ant magic.

Disclaimer: these choices are very personal, and not necessarily what I would recommend to a new listener to introduce them to the duo and the range or evolution of their sound. Hit play at the bottom!

The List

  1. Always Coming Back Home to You
  2. Angelface
  3. Between the Lines
  4. Bitter
  5. Camera Thief
  6. Don’t Ever Fucking Question That
  7. Flicker
  8. Fuck You Lucy
  9. Get Fly
  10. God Loves Ugly
  11. Guarantees
  12. Guns and Cigarettes
  13. Happymess
  14. Hockey Hair
  15. If I Was Santa Claus
  16. Like the Rest of Us
  17. Like Today
  18. Little Man
  19. Lovelife
  20. Lyndale Avenue User’s Manual
  21. Modern Man’s Hustle
  22. My Notes
  23. Nothing but Sunshine
  24. The Number One
  25. The Number None
  26. Pour Me Another
  27. Puppets
  28. The Rooster
  29. Saves the Day
  30. Say Hey There
  31. Scapegoat
  32. Shoes
  33. Smart Went Crazy
  34. Sunshine
  35. Travel
  36. Trying to Find a Balance
  37. The Waitress
  38. Woman with the Tattooed Hands
  39. Yesterday
  40. You

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