Tonight’s Hip Hop Lineup at the OEAA Nominee Showcase

Omaha hip hop fans, check out more artists tonight at the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards Nominee Showcase in Benson. Here’s the lineup!

By Venue

The Waiting Room / all ages
12:20-12:55 M34N STR33T

The Pizza Shoppe Collective / all ages
10:30-11:05 Marcey Yates
11:20-11:55 Latin Threat
12:10-12:45 Shuless

By Time

10:30-11:05 / Marcey Yates / PS Collective
11:20-11:55 / Latin Threat / PS Collective
12:10-12:45 / Shuless / PS Collective
12:20-12:55 / M34N STR33T / The Waiting Room



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